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A modern potential model calculation of proton-proton bremsstrahlung Workman, R. L.


We describe a modern potential model calculation for proton-proton bremsstrahlung( ppγ). This calculation is important as it uses the Paris Nucleon-Nucleon potential, a modern theoretically based potential which has not been used in ppγ calculations before. Observables for the ppγprocess are calculated and compared with results obtained by other authors - both theoretical and experimental. We calculate both cross sections and analyzing powers for ppγ. Asymmetry data is expected from a new TRIUMF ppγ experiment, which will provide the first opportunity for comparison of modern asymmetry data with a modern potential model calculation. Several potentials are used in the present ppγ calculation; results for the Reid soft-core potential, the 'Extended' Reid soft-core potential and, the Paris potential are produced. The partial-waved Reid soft-core and Paris potentials are described in detail. The calculation utilizes fully relativistic kinematics, coplanar and non-coplanar geometries and, can be performed in either the lab or center-of-mass frame. Relativistic spin corrections have been added and the effect of Liou's gauge term has been considered. The numerical calculations are checked in several ways. Comparisons are made with soft-photon approximation calculations near the soft-photon limit. In addition, elastic observables are produced and checked at intermediate points in the calculation. We find that results from the Extended Reid and Paris potentials are qualitatively the same. We also find that the analyzing powers are sensitive to approximations made in the calculation - more sensitive than are the cross sections.

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