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The effects of massive neutrinos and their mixings on muon decay Kalyniak, Patricia Ann


This thesis contains a study of the effects of massive Dirac and Majorana neutrinos and their mixings in the e’ spectrum for the muon decay μ⁺→e⁺ v[sub=e]v[sub=μ] (v[sub=μ; sup=c]. The spectra for both polarized and unpolarized muons are given for the three-neutrino world with a single neutrino of mass in the MeV/c² range. Electron-neutrino correlations are calculated and proposed as a possible signature of Majorana neutrinos. The first-order radiative corrections to the muon decay and the radiative decay μ⁺→e⁺ v[sub=e][v=sub u] are included in this analysis for the case of a single Dirac neutrino of mass in the MeV/c² range mixing into the three-neutrino world. The method of dimensional regularization is used for the calculation of the radiative corrections.

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