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Small angle neutron scattering at 4.3 MeV from heavy elements McFadden, Robert Cassin


The associated particle technique was employed to produce a collimated beam of 4.3 MeV neutrons from the reaction D(d,n)3He. A rotating target assembly permitted the use of thin deuterated polyethylene deuterium targets. The use of a position sensitive detector in the associated particle technique was demonstrated. Data was accumulated by an on-line computer system. The differential scattering cross section for 4.3 MeV neutrons was measured for scattering samples of uranium, bismuth, and lead over the angular range of 5° to 15°. The data were corrected for the effects of finite angular resolution, neutron multiple scattering, air scattering, and neutron inelortic scattering. The experimental scattering cross sections were in agreement with those calculated on the basis of a nuclear optical model interaction plus an electromagnetic Schwinger interaction. No evidence was found to substantiate anamalous cross sections at small angles.

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