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Quantitative linear optical scattering spectroscopy of two-dimensionally textured planar waveguides Mandeville, William Jody


Linear white light spectroscopy in conjunction with rigorous computer modeling reveals the fundamental nature of the electromagnetic excitations associated with the simple lattice and defect superlattice texturing of 2D planar waveguides. By achieving unprecedented agreement between experimentally measured and rigorously simulated band structures of leaky modes associated with the second, and up to the seventh, zone-folded Brillouin zones of square and triangular lattice structures, a thorough characterization of the polarization and dispersive properties of these electromagnetic modes has been achieved. An evaluation of the usefulness of a newly developed diffraction measurement technique for probing band structure is presented in conjunction with data and simulations for waveguides with defect superlattices. Textured planar waveguides, as a powerful medium for engineering devices which control the propagation of light, are explored via the thorough characterization of a novel polymer waveguide, and a GaAs waveguide that was engineered to possess a flat band for use in non-linear optics applications; in addition an original design is discussed for an angle and polarization insensitive notch filter based on a localized defect mode.

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