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The late-type stellar content of NGC 2403 Hudon, J. Dan


We have examined the late-type stellar content of 3 disk fields of NGC 2403 using VRI CCD photometry. The AGB luminosity function has been constructed and differs strongly with that of the LMC. Notably, even fewer bright AGB stars are seen in NGC 2403 than in the LMC. The shape of the AGB luminosity function for the innermost field, however, indicates that a recent burst of star formation may have occurred. Red and blue supergiants and HII regions are also identified in the field to support this. The relative distance modulus between NGC 2403 and the LMC is derived to be 8.90 and the true distance modulus to NGC 2403 is (m - M)₀ = 27.40 ± 0.24. The carbon to M star number for the innermost field is 8/17 which corresponds to [Fe/H] = -0.35.

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