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Rapid spectral variations of Be stars Thompson, Harold Ian Bruce


High time resolution observations of two Be stars ( K, Dra and ɣCas) have been made with an Image Isocon television camera in an attempt to detect rapid radial velocity and/or intensity variations of the Hydrogen emission lines. Analysis of variance tests have been used to determine the significance of possible variations. Fluctuations of the intensity of the H alpha line of ɣ Cas were seen on a time scale of a few minutes. Upper limits to the radial velocity variations were imposed by an apparent non-linear expansion of the camera reading beam scanning raster. The variations of H alpha for K Dra were marginally significant, showing a slow change in the position of the line with no significant change in intensity over the 30 minutes of observation. No significant variations were present in observations of H beta and H gamma of ɣCas.

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