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Neutron induced peaks in germanium detectors Gete, Ermias


Peaks from fast and thermal neutron interactions in a HPGe detector have been studied using neutrons from 2C3f2, the rS21,ui8n() and the B2i(0ir,9n) reactions. In the latter case, it was possible to separate the neutron induced events using the TOF method. The peaks from (n,n’) interactions in the the detector crystal have a peculiar triangular shape of about 40 keV across due to the recoiling nucleus, The two ma jor prominent peaks at 596 and 691 keV corresponding to GTe(n4,n’) and G7e(n2,n’) have been studied for the above three neutron sources. The triangles have have been fitted to an exponential function to compare the peak shapes and a difference of less than 20 % has been observed between the three different cases. In addition, many peaks resulting from (n,-y) and (n,n’) reactions in the mate rials surrounding the detector have been observed and identified. The ‘-y-rays from 2C52f fission fragment isotopes and from the B2i0(79r ,xn) have also been analyzed and identified.

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