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A simulation for the design of position encoding detectors for positron emission tomography Tsang, Glenn


A platform developed to simulate the measured performance of position encoding multicrystal detectors for imaging applications is introduced. The platform is designed to treat the interactions of 7-rays in an inorganic scintillator, the geometry of the multicrystal array, as well as the propagation and detection of individual scintillation photons. Energy and position spectra predicted by the simulation are compared to measured ones for the block detectors of the ECAT EXACT HR PLUS positron emission tomograph. The success of the simulation in reproducing measured results is used as a validation of the simulation. The simulation is then used in an investigation of a modification to the design of the EXACT HR PLUS that would improve significantly its Depth-Of-Interaction sensitivity. Modifications to the EXACT HR PLUS block are incorporated to the model. The simulated performances of the new design are compared to measured ones for an early prototype. An evaluation of the capacity of the new block to correct for the parallax error in Positron Emission Tomography is conducted. The outcome of this study has proved to be very encouraging and provides verification for the feasibility of the proposed correction scheme.

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