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Construction of an ultra-thin cylindrical drift chamber for measurement of the rare decay K+ [formula] Pacradouni, Vighen


The branching ratio for the decay K+ [formula] has been measured at Brookhaven National Laboratory by the E787 collaboration to be 5.2 x 10-9. The best QCD calculations give a prediction of (.6 -4 6) x 10'. The theoretical equations for this calculation as well as the previous experiment are reviewed. The experiment is in the midst of a major upgrade resulting in a new beam line and a modified detector. The ultra-thin cylindrical drift-chamber with helical cathode strips for measurement of the axial coordinate of the charged particle track is described. A design for charge pre-amplifiers to instrument the cathode strips is discussed. The desired gain was achieved for single amplifiers, however, the problem of ringing and cross-talk when mounted in close proximity remains.

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