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Small shift Mossbauer spectrometer Beveridge, John Leslie


In this thesis a small shift Mossbauer spectrometer developed by the author is described. An automatic multiplexing and printout system for eight scalers is described along with a digital electronic control system for the motor drive. Three-different suspension systems, for the transport portion of the linear drive -- (1) An air bearing suspension as developed by Wells (2) An oil supported teflon bearing suspension (3) A leadscrew suspension have been constructed. Mossbauer spectra for two sources – CO57 in Armco iron and CO57 in Pt195 -- against an enriched iron absorber have been taken with the latter two suspensions and have been compared with each other and with spectra taken on a commercial Mossbauer spectrometer. Theoretical calculations of the central Mossbauer line for the Armco iron source and enriched iron absorber have been made using the computer program written by Woodrow. These calculations are compared with the experimental spectra.

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