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On the decay scheme of ZN"65" Rankin, David


The radiation from Zn⁶⁵ has been investigated in a thin lens beta ray spectrometer. A spiral baffle was used to discriminate between positrons and negatrons. Gamma ray energies of 1.12 and 1.4 mev have been measured as well as annihilation radiation of .51 mev. A positron end point at .32 mev has also been measured. Fairly intense internal conversion was found. A decay scheme has been proposed in which Zn⁶⁵ decays by K-capture to a 1.4 mev excited state from which it proceeds to an Intermediary state by emission of a gamma ray. The alternative positron emission is to the intermediary stage from which both paths descend to the 65 ground state of Cu⁶⁵ with the emission of a 1.1 mev gamma ray.

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