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Design and construction of a vacuum spectrograph Lubzinski, James Francis


A vacuum spectrograph is designed to cover from the visible to the far ultraviolet. The general path equation is expanded as a power series to the fourth power. Conditions for minimizing this path are given to the third power. There are two different settings in the visible region -- a grating of 576 lines per millimetre is used and the slit is set at normal incidence of 20°; in the far ultraviolet, a grating of 1152 lines per millimetre is used and the slit is set at glancing incidence of 80°. The housing and vacuum system difficulties are explained and figures are given showing how some of these are overcome. The optical parts were designed to facilitate in focussing, stress being made on designs which are free from machining difficulties. Although the grating and plate holders are different from those previously used, the slit design is such that it is completely free from mechanical difficulties usually encountered. A plate diaphragm is used to increase the number of exposures. The complete set of drawings used in the construction of this apparatus are given in the appendix.

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