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A comparison of the stopping powers of hydrogen and deuterium and the angular distribution and correlation patterns in proton bombardment of F¹⁹ and N¹⁵ Neilson, George Croydon


The stopping powers of hydrogen and deuterium have been compared, using a thin ionization chamber. The results were found to be consistent with the present-day theory on the method of energy loss. A method for the preparation of thin films of organic phosphors has been devised and the response of these films to alpha particles has been tested. All necessary apparatus for the study of angular correlation and distribution patterns for F¹⁹(pαγ)O¹⁶ and N¹⁵(pα)C¹² reactions has been constructed. The theoretical angular distribution patterns for the N¹⁵(pα)C¹² reaction have been calculated.

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