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The radiations of Se⁷⁵ and Sb¹²⁴ McMahon, Garfield Walter


The radiations of Selenium 75 and Antimony 124 were examined with a thin lens magnetic spectrometer at a resolution of 2.5% in momentum. Selenium 75 The gamma ray and internal conversion spectra were obtained for Se⁷⁵ which decays by K-capture to As⁷⁵. Transitions were observed at the energies 66, 98, 121, 137, 198, 265, 280, 303, and 400 kev. Accurate K/L ratios were obtained for the 98 kev. and 137 kev. transitions. A decay scheme is proposed with tentative spin and parity assignments to several energy levels. Antimony 124 The beta ray and internal conversion spectra of Sb¹²⁴ were examined. Five beta groups were observed with end-point energies 2.315, 1.58, 0.94, 0.60, and 0.35 mev. Conversion lines were observed for transitions of energies 604, 651, and 723 kev. Conversion coefficients were calculated on the basis of the decay scheme of Langer et al. All three transitions have conversion coefficients which would correspond to electric quadrupole radiation.

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