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Current measurements in Knight Inlet, 1956. Rodgers, George Keith


Current measurements were made in Knight Inlet during the period, July 4th to 11th, 1956. A current drag, designed at the Chesapeake Bay Institute, was employed for current measurements in the upper 20 meters of the water column. An Ekman current meter was used at depths below 20 meters. Corrections for ship motion were applied to the Ekman current meter readings. This investigation consists of : (1) a general analysis of the techniques used in the collection and treatment of the data, (2) a description of the currents obtained from the above treatment of the data. Currents at every depth of measurement showed oscillating or fluctuating components superimposed on a net current. Tidal forces appear to act at all depths. The direct effect of wind stress on currents is apparent to depths of at least 10 meters. Indirect wind effects are indicated at greater depths.

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