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Design, construction and stabilisation of a large electromagnet Aaronson, David Andrew


A seven and one half ton electromagnet has been built primarily for beam analysis in conjunction with the University of British Columbia electrostatic generator. With a current of 49 amperes, a field in excess of 19,900 gauss over an area of 256 square inches has been obtained across a one inch air gap. The hysteresis loop is satisfactorily small, being 0.2 amperes wide at a magnetising current of 15 amperes. Current stability with the magnetising current varying from zero to 35 amperes has "been maintained to a few parts in 10,000 over periods as long as seven hours. Field stability has been checked using a proton resonance signal to be one part in 10,000 over a short period of eight minutes, and to be three parts in 10,000 over the long period of seven hours. Using the stabilising system, the time required to change the field to a new setting is less than three seconds.

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