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The infrared absorption spectrum of carbon disulphide Edwards, Thomas Harvey


This paper deals with the problem of setting up an infrared spectrometer and recorder under suitable conditions, and in applying the instrument to the absorption spectrum of CS₂ in the vapor phase. Six absorption bands, corresponding to the fundamental vibration V₃ at 1535 cm⁻¹, the difference band V₃ - V₁, at 877 cm⁻¹, and the four combination bands V₁ + V₃ at 2185 cm⁻¹, V₃ + 2V₂ at 2332 cm⁻¹, V₃ +2V₁ at 2838 cm⁻¹, and V₁ + V₃ + 2V₂ at 2959 cm⁻¹ have been examined. Using this value for V₃, a better agreement between the force constant of the C S bond, calculated from V₃, with that calculated from V₁, is obtained. The work is to be continued.

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