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The electronic spectrum of N₂O⁺ Abernethy, Emerson Randle


The Electronic transition ²Σ-X²Π of N₂0⁺ has been observed at high resolution and a more thorough analysis of the spectrum has been undertaken than was previously available in the literature. Twenty-four bands of the spectrum have been fitted into a vibrational energy level scheme. Of these, eighteen were found to involve only the vibrations Ʋ₁ and Ʋ₃. The remainder of the bands were ascribed to the vibration Ʋ₂, and were found to be explainable in terms of Renner effects coupling the transverse vibration and the orbital angular momentum of the ²π Electronic state. Rotational analyses of varying degrees of thoroughness have been made of seven bands. Various molecular constants have been deduced, including α₁, α₃, p ( the Λ - doubling constant), and q ( the 1-doubling constant of the upper state vibrational level 010).

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