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Exploratory work on the precision wavelength measurement of the hydrogen Lyman spectra Dalby, Frederick William


The Lubzinski.spectrograph has been accurately focussed and its performance as a high dispersion vacuum ultraviolet instrument has been studied. Light sources have been designed for the excitation of the hydrogen Lyman series. The α line of this series has been obtained using exposure times ranging from twenty minutes to seven hours. A spectrogram of the hydrogen-deuterium isotope structure obtained in the fifth grating order at a dispersion of 1 A°/mm. has been obtained permitting positive identification of the hydrogen Lyman α line. Light sources for the excitation of the first-spark spectra of copper have, been constructed and experimentally studied. This spectrum contains a large number of standard wavelengths, in the vacuum ultraviolet; however, because of low grating intensity we were unable to observe these lines. An existent discrepancy between calculated and measured, values for the ionization potential of Helium-like atoms has been resolved by a generalized Lamb electromagnetic shift.

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