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An apparatus for the measurement of the specific heat of cadmium below 1° Kelvin Dunick, John E.


The electronic specific heat of Cadmium has been determined by a number of independent workers; using two basic methods; magnetic and calorimetric. This thesis pursues, the problem by a calorimetric determination using an aquadag thermometer and a thermal valve. Production of low temperatures is necessary as the transition temperature for this superconductor is about 0.56° K. Hence, the interest lies in attempting to determine the heat capacity of the metal both in the normal and superconducting states. The experimental method and results for specific heat measurements for other superconductors is briefly reviewed. The design of the cryostat is discussed in detail in Chapter II. A rather unique method of preparing a paramagnetic salt pill is also given. Resistance thermometers and determination of temperature very important and the temperature range is obtained by adiabatic demagnetisation. The conclusion and results of this research project is given in Chapter III.

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