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Conduction processes in crystals Williams, Robert Leroy


Two problems have been investigated in connection with this thesis. The first was a search for crystals which detect alpha particles by the transient conductivity produced. The second involved the measurement of Hall voltages and conductivity to determine properties of lead sulphide. A few crystals have been made to count alpha particles, some.at room temperature, and others at liquid air temperatures. As it is inconvenient to cool crystals, an attempt was made to find a suitable room temperature counter. A few crystals were tried, but most of the time was spent investigating periclase. It was thought that periclase, being transparent in the ultraviolet, visible and infra red, should be trap-free and thus might possess good counting properties. Some time was spent investigating associated effects in germanium. In the second problem it was hoped to derive a method of producing lead sulphide in non-stoichiometric, proportions so that reproducible samples could be made. If the properties of one sample were determined by using Hall voltage and conductivity measurements, then the properties of all samples would be known. At present, as there are no methods of making lead sulphide with given properties, this would be advantageous.

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