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Dynamics of a Z-pinch discharge in Argon. Daughney, Cecil Charles


A discussion of probe measurement of the magnetic field in a plasma is presented with particular reference to the perturbation of the magnetic field caused by the probe. A correction procedure is developed to compensate for this perturbation. Using magnetic probes, radial variation of the current density distributions are obtained for an argon plasma in a z-pinch discharge. Initial argon pressures of 100, 250, and 500 μHg are investigated. The current density distributions are determined for 1 μsec intervals between the initiation of the discharge and the occurrence of the first pinch. These current density distributions are compared with photographic observations. The experimental results are discussed in terms of the snowplow model and the shock wave model. Mathematically, the non-linear snowplow equation is solved using an approximation technique which results in analytic solutions. The shock wave equation is solved by a graphical technique. An extension of the shock wave model is proposed for a better understanding of the experimental results.

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