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He3 filled ionization chamber as a neutron detector Healey, Dennis Charles


The threshold energy for the reaction Br⁸¹ (p,n)Kr⁸¹ was measured and found to be 1.133±.020 Mev. The threshold for Cd¹¹⁶(p,n)ln¹¹⁶ was searched for up to 1.8 Mev but was not found. The density of cosmic neutrons was measured at the earth's surface. It was found to be 4.2±.7x10⁻⁹ n/cm³ over land with 66% in thermal equilibrium. Over the sea, this density was 3.72±.98x10⁻⁹ n/cm³ with 64% in the thermal peak. The earth's albedo or reflectivity to neutrons impinging on it from the atmosphere was estimated to be .22.

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