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Atomic spark spectra of tin, Sn III, Sn IV, Sn V Wu, Chien-Ming


The spectra of tin have been photographed in the region between 350Å and 9000Å using as sources an electrodeless discharge and a condensed spark in helium. Exposure were taken by using a 3 meter normal incidence vacuum grating spectrograph and a Hilger E-478 large interchangeable quartz and glass prism spectrograph. Among thirty four hundred and four lines which were measured, two hundred and thirty five lines were classified in the spectra Sn I and Sn II on the basis of square arrays constructed by using the energy levels from Mrs. Sitterly's "Atomic Energy Levels", Volume III (1957). Five hundred and eleven lines are herein classified in the spectra Sn III, Sn IV and Sn V.

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