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Numerical experiments using an electrostatic, relativistic plasma simulation code Parachoniak, Ronald D.


A 1-1/2 dimensional electrostatic, relativistic, plasma simulation model was constructed, implemented on the UBC FPS array processor, and tested by solving three problems in plasma physics. The model will handle a variety of different initial conditions including cold plasmas, cold beams, and drifting maxwellians. Relativistic particle velocities are properly modelled and up to two species of particles may be specified. The numerical experiments run with the model included cold plasma oscillations, cold and warm two-stream instabilities, and Landau damping. Results of the simulations were compared to theory and excellent agreement was obtained in all the cases studied. The model may now be used with confidence to research various (relativistic) electrostatic problems. It could also be modified to make it fully electromagnetic, in which case it would be useful for simulating many additional phenomena, including laser-plasma interactions.

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