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Ferromagnetic resonance studies of DC magnetron sputtered CO-CR films Ma, Changlin


The X-band FMR has been employed to investigate the angular variation of resonance Fields of DC sputtered Co-Cr Films with different substrate temperatures. This angular variation has been Fitted with the classical uniaxial anisotropy crystal model and yields the values of 2K₁/M-4πM=-4∼-7 KOe, 4K₂ =-0.8∼0.8 KOe and g-factor = 2.3~2.8. The FMR measurments of the first anisotropy constant are quite different from the counterparts measured with VSM. This discrepancy is interpreted as a result of the formation of two ferromagnetic phases. With this simple model, the substrate temperature dependence of First anisotropy is explained and it is predicted that a lower substrate temperature will improve the Co-Cr Films for their potential application in perpendicular magnetic recording devices. The angular dependence of the FMR linewidth is discussed.

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