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Theoretical study of some forbidden spectral lines Wong, Kim Po


The forbidden line (6sp³P₀ - 6s²¹S₀ ) λ2656Å is forbidden for all multipole transitions if the nucleus of Hg isotope has no magnetic moment. For Hg¹⁹⁹ the selection rule is broken by the interaction of the nuclear magnetic dipole moment with the atomic electrons. In this thesis the Zeeman effect of the line is discussed in detail. In particular, the intensity of the Zeeman components is calculated as a function of the external magnetic field. It turns out that even for an external magnetic field sufficient to produce the Back-Goudsmit effect (30,000 gauss) the intensity of Zeeman components changes by less than one percent. Also the effect of the interaction of the nuclear magnetic moment and atomic electrons on the intensity of forbidden lines (6 ¹S₀ - 6³P₁) λ4618Å and (6 ¹S₀ - 6³P₂) λ5313Å of Pb²⁰⁹ is calculated (in absence of external magnetic field). The effect is very small.

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