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Non-existence of geometrodynamical analog to electric charge Davenport, Michael Richard


A "Geometrodynamical Analog to Electric Charge" (or "p-charge") is defined (as in the earlier paper by Unruh, [Gen. Rel. and Grav., 2, (1971), pp 27-33 ] to be the period on a p-cycle (p = 1, 2, or 3) of a p-form which is constructed out of only the Riemann tensor or its derivatives. A previously-unpublished proof by Unruh is briefly summarized which proves that no non-zero p-charges can exist on a completely unrestricted metric field. The metric field is then constrained to obey Einstein's equations for empty space, and sets of linearly-independent, purely-gravitational p-forms are analyzed to determine if p-charges can be defined under these conditions. A scheme is developed, based on the spin-tensor representation of the gravitational field, to generate complete sets of such p-forms, arid calculate their derivatives, with a symbolic-manipulation computer program. It is shown that no gravitational p-forms that are linear combinations of less than five Riemann tensors and less than nine derivatives will result in p-charges.

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