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Lithium intercalation in titanium disulfide Dahn, Jeffery Raymond


The behaviour of Li/LiClO₄ ,PC/Li[sub x]TiS₂ electrochemical cells has been investigated. Electrolyte insertion(irreversible co-intercalation) occured in some Li[sub x]TiS₂ cathodes and was found to be dependent on the crystallite size of the cathode powder. In cases where electrolyte, insertion was small, the voltage as a function of state of discharge was found to agree with that reported by Thompson(1978). A neutron diffraction study on Li[sub x]TiS₂ with x = 0, .12, .33, .66 and 1.0 was performed. The location of the lithium atoms in the octahedral sites of the host TiS₂ lattice is established. The detailed crystal structure of Li₁TiS₂ is reported. No evidence for lithium ordering is observed in any of the samples at room temperature. Superlattice peaks were not detected at 106K for the Li.₃₃TiS₂ sample. The existence of three dimensional lithium ordering can be excluded by the data.

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