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Production and diffusion of muonium in powdered silica Marshall, Glen Murray


The first direct observation of the atomic state of the muon (muonium) in a finely powdered sample of SiO₂ (silica) is reported, with evidence of muonium diffusion into a vacuum. The formation technique, first used in the study of the positron atomic state (positronium), has been extended and modified to suit the particular requirements of a beam of surface muons presently available at TRIUMF. Some emphasis is placed on a description of the muon beam, its operation, and the problems inherent in the successful use of these low energy, nearly monokinetic, polarized particles. The basic method of MSR (muonium spin rotation) as it applies to the experimental circumstances is reviewed. The use of powder targets of this kind is examined in the context of possible experiments in weak interactions, diffusion studies, and gas chemistry.

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