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The design and operation of a completely automated liquid hydrogen or deuterium target Currie-Johnson, Murray Allen


A self contained completely automated liquid hydrogen target has been built in the UBC Nuclear Physics Department for use in experiments at TRIUMF. The system is designed for use in secondary beam lines. The refrigerative system utilizes a CTI Cryodyne 1020 refrigerator capable of 10 watts at 20 K. The flask assembly, with a volume of 1 litre (extendable to 7 litres) is made of Mylar surrounded with 20 layers of superinsulation. The vacuum system is completely automated. The safety system is designed to shut the system down in a controlled manner in all types of failure. The cooling time of the system is of the order of 8 hours and hydrogen liquification rate is of the order of 1 litre/10 hours.

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