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The spectra of indium Nodwell, Roy Andrew


The spectra of Indium in the region 1200 A to 6900 A have been investigated. For this purpose a vacuum spectrograph, equipped with two slits at angle of incidence of 80° and 21° 34’, has been used. Details of the method of adjustment and calibration of the instrument are given. An electrodeless discharge has been used as a source, and methods of securing satisfactory output from this source are discussed. About 338 Indium lines have been measured, of which 62 have been previously reported. Term value predictions for Indium III are discussed and from these predictions some new lines have been classified. Several of the lines previously classified as Indium III have been found to be in error by as much as 0.5 A. In addition a few of the new lines have been classified in the Indium II spectra.

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