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The infrared absorption spectrum of fluoroform Reesor, Thomas Richard


The infrared absorption spectrum of fluoroform (CHF ₃) has been observed in the region 400 to 5550 cm[superscript -1] with a Perkin-Elmer spectrometer and, in the higher regions, a multiple path absorption cell. The theoretical shapes of a parallel and a perpendicular band have been calculated and have been confirmed by the observed spectrum. The assignments of the fundamental frequencies by Rank, Schull and Pace have been confirmed and the apparent discrepancy in the appearance of the 507.5 cm[superscript -1] band has been explained. The anharmonicity constant x₆₆ has been calculated to be -0.08 cm[superscript -1]. All of the fundamentals except ν₂ have been remeasured to be: ν₁ 3033 cm[superscript -1] ν₃ 700.1 ν₄ 1375 ν₅ 1153 ν₆ 507.5

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