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Ferromagnetism and order in nickel manganese alloys Piercy, George Robert


An investigation of ferromagnetism in nickel manganese alloys up to forty atomic percent manganese has been carried out. Twenty alloys within this composition range were subjected to three heat treatments such that the conditions within the alloys varied from atomic disorder to a high degree of long range order. The degree of order of Ni₃Mn calculated from measured saturation magnetisation using the Ising model of ferromagnetism was consistent with the value calculated from the ratio of measured integrated intensity of the (110) x-ray diffraction superlattice line to that of line (111). The relationship between saturation magnetisation and concentration for the disordered alloys can be explained adequately by the existence of short range order. A value of 3.4 Bohr magnetons was obtained for the effective magnetic moment of manganese atoms in a nickel lattice.

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