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Localized modes and the Mossbauer effect Wells, David Ernest


Two types of experiments involving the Mossbauer atom as a dilute impurity in a host lattice are discussed. For a zero-phonon experiment with Fe⁵⁷ in Pt¹⁹⁵ at room temperature, the expected shift of the central Mossbauer peak is [symbol omitted]/3000. The minimum time required to experimentally determine this shift to within 10% is found to be 16 weeks of counting with a 5 millicurie source. For a one-phonon experiment with Fe⁵⁷ in Pt¹⁹⁵, the count rate due to resonance scattering is found to be 3.14 x 10⁻⁴/sec., and the count rate due to Rayleigh scattering 2.2 x l0⁻²/sec. The case of Fe⁵⁷ in Be⁹ is also discussed. An air trough Mossbauer shift spectrometer constructed to perform the zero-phonon experiment is described. Vibrations present in this apparatus, making it inadequate for experimental work, are discussed.

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