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Properties of an interacting one-dimensional fermion system Friesen, Waldemar Isebrand


For nearly a decade, quasi-one-dimensional conductors have been the subject of intensive study. Theoretically, much attention has been devoted to the development of one-dimensional Fermi gas models, some which may be solved exactly, and to the calculation of their response functions. After a review of this theory, a different approach is adopted in the investigation of two models. The dielectric response theory of the three-dimensional Coulomb gas has been applied to an anisotropic system in which the particles interact with an effective one-dimensional long-range potential. Within the framework of the approximation of Singwi, Tosi, Land, and Sjolander, the dielectric properties of the model are examined in order to determine the conditions under which it is unstable with respect to formation of a charge density wave state. It is found that the positive neutralizing background must be polarizable in order for such an instability to occur. The same approximation method, when applied to a one-dimensional fermion gas with a ʃ-function interaction may be compared with the exact solution of Yang. This solution, which exists in the form of coupled integral equations, has been calculated numerically, and, as predicted by the Lieb-Mattis theorem, the ground state is found to be non-magnetic. The approximation of Singwi et al. proves to give better correlation energies than other inexact methods, particularly at higher densities.

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