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Radio continuum observations of the supernova remnant G109,1-1.0 Braun, Robert


The supernova remnant G109.1-1.0 was observed differentially at 6 cm wavelength using the 91 m transit telescope of the NRAO at Green Bank, West Virginia. After development of a complete declination dependent model of the 6 cm differential response, the observations were restored to the equivalent total intensity observations using the method described by D.T. Emerson et al. (1979) as well as the maximum entropy method of image reconstruction (Gull and Daniell 1978). Both approaches gave successful reconstructions of the field at similar computational costs. The maximum entropy method is shown to provide effective reconstruction even under the sparser sampling conditions of the Gregory-Taylor (1981) survey; allowing the direct application of this work to the majority of the differentially recorded survey data base. The 6 cm observations of G109.1-1.0 indicate an extended half-disc structure which is similar in both shape and extent to the X-ray emission (Gregory and Fahlman 1980) from the remnant. An unusual feature has also become apparent which extends from the northern edge of the remnant for 35 arcmin radially away from the center to the north-west. The generally semicircular shape of the remnant, as indicated by both the X-ray and radio observations, can be understood in terms of an interaction with an adjacent molecular cloud.

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