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Radiative muon capture by 3He Ho, Ernest Chun Yue


The rate of the nuclear reaction ³He + μ- —> ³H + vµ + γ has been calculated by two different methods: the elementary particle model (EPM) approach and the impulse approximation (IA) approach. The exclusive statistical radiative muon capture (RMC) rate for photon energy greater than 60 MeV, Γrmcstat, using the elementary particle model approach is found to be 0.2113 s- 1 and the ordinary muon capture (OMC) rate is 1503 s-1. Several trinucleon wavefunctions from different types of realistic nucleon potentials are used for the impulse approximation calculation and it is found that the capture rates calculated via the IA exhibit slight model dependences, possibly arising from differences in binding energy predictions, nature of potentials used or partial wave properties. The impulse approximation version of Γrmcstat ranges from 0.1313 to 0.1387 s-1 and the corresponding OMC rate ranges from 1260 to 1360 s-1. The difference in reaction rates between IA and EPM is larger in RMC due to some of the extra Adler and Dothan terms. Therefore, a meson exchange current (MEC) calculation of RMC seems necessary to account for this discrepancy. [Scientific formulae used in this abstract could not be reproduced.]

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