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Time reversal symmetry breaking states at the surface of Cuprate superconductors Rodriguez, Jose


It is known that, in cuprate superconductors, a subdominant order parameter can coexist with the dominant d-wave one close to vortices, impurities and boundaries. This subdominant order parameter, together with the dominant one, is responsable for the generation of Time Reversal Symmetry Breaking (TRSB) states at an "ab" oriented surface in cuprate superconductors. Must of the analysis done on this TRSB surface states, have been done within a quasiclassical framework. This thesis analyzes the problem by solving numerically the microscopic Bogoliuvob-de Gennes equations in a lattice. Comparison with the quasiclassical expectations is done and some features are commented. The pairing interactions for the order parameters considered here are: d[sub x²-y²], dx[sub x²-y²]+ is and d[sub x²-y²] + id[sub xy].

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