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An automated chemistry module for the (18F)FDG production Wu, Jason Shao-Chun


This thesis presents the design, chemical procedures, operation, optimization, and performance of a [¹⁸F]FDG synthesis module. Together with the EBCO/ TRIUMF TR 14 cyclotron in C.H.U.S., this module forms an integrated a [¹⁸F]FDG production line, employing aqueous [18F]fluoride as precursors and nucleophilic reaction as the fluorination step. 18 Among many short-lived positron emitting radionuclides, ¹⁸F is the most important and widely used nuclide due to its convenient half-life (t[sub ½] = 109 minutes). The emergence of a [¹⁸F]FDG as the most popular PET radiopharmaceutical has necessitated the development of routine methods of its production in the PET radiochemistry clinic. A synthesis module is required to produce large quantities of a [¹⁸F]FDG reliably, efficiently, and economically. In order to achieve this goal, the fluid transfer system, the heating/cooling mechanism, and the automated control of the module are the key design components. A modified chemistry module based on an EBCO/ TRIUMF design is constructed. After extensive cold tests, 40 hot tests are conducted in C.H.U.S. to optimize the module. Proper cleaning and operation procedures are developed and the optimum reaction parameters are established. The results are satisfactory, while the consistency in the yields displays a great reliability.

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