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I. The suppression of Compton electrons in some photoelectron spectra. II. the double Beta decay of Sn124 Pearce, Robert Michael


PART 1 A new method has been used to suppress the undesirable Compton electrons ordinarily present in photoelectron spectra. As much as 90% of the Compton electron intensity was removed. This was accomplished by electronic cancellation of the individual Compton electrons. The method has been used with a thin lens type of spectrometer and has made possible the detection of new gamma rays at .391, .857 and 1.00 Mev. in Ra(B + C), at 1.01 Mev. in Ta¹⁸², and at .472 and .843 Mev. In Sb¹²⁴. No.new gamma rays were observed from Co⁶⁰. PART 2 A search for double beta decay in Sn¹²⁴ has been made using a coincidence technique particularly suited to double beta decay under the Majorana form of neutrino theory. Negative results were obtained and a lower limit of 0.3 - 0.7 x 10¹⁷ years has been set on the half-life of the process.

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