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A technique for producing large single crystals of lead telluride Cannon, G. Harry (George Harry)


The steps to be taken in developing a technique of growing single crystals are outlined. Two theories on crystal growth are lightly treated. The record of the experimental work done includes the following. The development of an axial temperature gradient in a furnace to operate in the temperature ranges 600°C to 1400°C is discussed. A controller to control the temperature of this furnace to [formula omitted] is developed. A recording unit to record the temperature variations with time (or with position in the furnace) is incorporated. The considerations for preparing and testing pure PbTe are discussed. This include a table of the spectral lines of tellurium, compiled from the M.I.T. Table of Wavelengths. A technique for producing a single crystal is outlined. The attempts to produce a single crystal of PbTe are described. The degrees of success and failure are discussed.

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