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The mechanical properties and relaxation spectrum of aluminum soap-hydrocarbon solutions Flynn, James Thomas


A new instrument is described for the measurement of the mechanical properties of polymer solutions and the theory necessary for its application is developed. The instrument has been used to determine the mechanical properties of aluminum soap-benzene gels over a frequency range of six decades. The modulus of rigidity has been found to be of the order of 10³to 10⁴ dynes per square centimeter and the viscosity of the order of 10⁵ to 10⁶ poise. Both rigidity and viscosity vary approximately with the cube of the concentration. The peak in the relaxation spectrum is at a relaxation frequency of the order of 3x10⁻³ seconds⁻¹ and has been found to be independent of concentration. It is concluded from the experimental results that the structure is either a three dimensionally cross-linked network of long chain polymer molecules: or a micelles structure with the micelles linked together by common molecular chains.

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