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Gamma radiation from the proton bombardment of lithium six Alexander, Thomas Kennedy


The reaction Li⁶(p,γ)Be⁷ has been investigated using 0.4 to 1 Mev. energy protons incident on isotopically separated Li⁶ targets. Capture gamma radiation to the ground state and the 430 Kev. state in Be⁷ has been observed; some 62% of the transitions go to the ground state. The ratio of intensities does not change significantly with energy, nor with angle of observation at Ep = 750 Kev. The differential cross section with the counter at 90° to the proton beam and Ep = 750 Kev; is about 2 x 10⁻³²cm²/steradian. The combined angular distribution of the two gamma rays is 1 + (1.05 ± 0.15)cos²θ at Ep = 750 Kev. The Q value for the reaction is 5.66 ± 0.03 Mev. in fair agreement with that calculated from mass values.

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