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A study of the interaction loss of protons and deuterons in NaI Ahmad, Munawar Sultana


Interaction losses in sodium iodide crystals have been directly measured for protons in the range of energies from 139 to 444 MeV and for deuterons of 277 MeV. Calculations of the expected loss were made for protons over the range 151-500 MeV using the best currently available reaction cross section data. Our experimental values are typically about 21% lower than the calculated values. The interaction loss for 277 MeV deuteron in Nal is about 8% lower than the calculated value obtained using the deuteron cross section value of Measday and Schneider. Using their calculated value of 100 MeV deuteron interaction loss as a reference point, we calculated the loss for 277 MeV deuterons and from a fit to our data we obtained the cross section for deuterons at an average energy of 188.4 MeV to be 2590 ± 180 mb, which is about 20% lower than the cross section obtained from the empirical relation that σ(d-A) is 2σ(p-A) at half the energy.

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