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Lithium intercalation in crystalline Li MoS₂ Mulhern, Peter John


This thesis reports the first successful synthesis of highly crystalline Li[sub x]MoS₂, and describes the electrochemical and structural properties of this material. Five crystal phases were found when the lithium content was varied between x≃O and x-1 by electrochemical intercalation. Each phase existed over a small range of x, and the crystal lattices were found to have small triclinic or monoclinic distortions from 1T-hexagonal symmetry. These discoveries have resolved a controversy in the literature. Many references have claimed that crystalline MoS₂ disproportionates when the lithium content exceeds x≃0.2, while others have claimed an electrochemically produced MoS₂ polytype is an intercalation host with Δx≃1. A strong correspondence has been found between the properties of the electrochemically produced host and the crystalline 1T- Li[sub x]MoS₂.

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