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The technical characteristics of a magnetic spectrograph used for (P,π ) studies at TRIUMF Ziegler, William Anthony


An experimental and theoretical analysis of a magnetic spectrograph is presented. The spectrograph was used for the analysis of pions produced in reactions of the type A(p,π[sup ±])A+1 at the TRIUMF cyclotron. An experimental study of the response of the spectrograph to monoenergetic pions was carried out using pions produced by the reaction pp→dπ⁺. Both the instrumental lineshapes and effective solid angles were obtained for three pion energies, 50 MeV, 70 MeV, and 100 MeV. Theoretical studies of the spectrograph were performed by means of a Monte Carlo analysis simulation, which included both multiple scattering and pion decay. Good agreement was obtained between the experimentally determined lineshape and that predicted from the Monte Carlo analysis. The lineshapes were fitted analytically by a linear least squares method. Both the parameters resulting from the fit and the effective solid angle were found to be dependent on pion energy. The one experimental feature which was significantly underestimated by the Monte Carlo analysis was that of multiple scattering, that is, multiple scattering of the pions in the pole face structure of the magnet.

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