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Impedance-mismatch experiments using laser-driven shocks Chiu, Gordon S. Y.


A series of impedance-mismatch experiments with aluminum-gold targets has been performed. These experiments are used to probe the equation of state (EOS) of gold at high pressure. By measuring the shock breakout time from the target rear surface, the shock trajectory is determined and found to be in good agreement with equation of state predictions. In addition, temperatures derived from temporally resolved luminescence measurements of the shocked target rear surface are compared with two different equation of state theoretical models. Our results indicate that whereas the SESAME (from Los Alamos National Laboratory) EOS seems to overestimate the shock temperature, the equation of state of gold which incoporated both the solid and liquid phases gives much closer agreement with observations. The measurements of gold at a shock pressure of ~ 6 Mbar and temperature of ~ 17500 K also represent the first study of gold under shock melting.

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