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Kinetics of bound excitons and multi-exciton complexes in Si (B) Sullivan, Brian Thomas


The kinetics of the free exciton, bound exciton and multi-exciton complexes have been investigated for Si(B) by using the rate equations to analyze the experimental transient responses of these luminescent species. From this analysis, the B capture cross section for an exciton to bind upon a neutral impurity has been determined, as well as the B capture cross sections ratios for higher order complexes. Furthermore, the lifetimes for the BE, BMEC-2 and BMEC-3 have been determined. From the low temperature lifetimes, the BMEC-m/BE lifetime ratio appears to form a simple integer series for increasing m. The computer programs used to analyze the experimental data and generate the theoretical transient responses, along with technical information concerning the experiment, are listed in the appendices.

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