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Analytic three dimensional image reconstruction from projections Kinahan, Paul Eugene


This work presents an analytic three dimensional image reconstruction algorithm that was developed for a proposed volume-imaging PET scanner. The development of the algorithm was motivated by the scanner's ability to collect an order of magnitude more data than current PET systems and the lack of an efficient algorithm that could use the extra data. The algorithm is based on an extension of the Recovery Operator of Orlov[68] and operates by convolution in object space. This method of operation sets it apart from other analytic direct image reconstruction algorithms that rely on Fourier transforms. The algorithm is tested with ideal data and parameters that are appropriate to the new PET scanner. The results of the test show that the algorithm behaves as expected except for a 17% overshoot in the reconstructed value in one area. An explanation of this artifact is suggested, although not verified. Finally, the efficacy of the algorithm is demonstrated by proving that it is functionally equivalent to Fourier transform methods.

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